Wildlife Tours

Wildlife Tours in Nepal

Everyone in the world is aware of the beauty of the Nepalese Himalayas, but very few know that Nepal also has thick, lush green jungles with an enormous variety of flora and fauna that you can only find in Nepal. If you are a fan of the jungle and enjoy the excitement and feel of adventure that it offers, then visiting one of the two big national parks in Nepal – Chitwan and Bardia, has to be in your travelling bucket list. Royal Chitwan National Park is the biggest national park in Nepal and is a very well known destination for jungle elephant and jeep safaris and walks in the jungle. Bardia National Park is still unknown to the world and for that reason it gives you a raw but nonetheless safe peek into the life of the jungle. In both of the national parks, you will be able to spot the Bengal tiger, rhinos, wild elephants, crocodiles and a wide variety of birds and plants.